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Inqaly form


Q. What time should I check in and out?

A. Check-in time is from 3pm and check-out time is until 10am.

Q. How much do you charge for cancellation?

A. The cancellation fee is:
- 20% if cancelled on the day before the reserved date
- 80% if cancelled on the day of the reservation
- 100% if you do not show up

Q. Are there any benefits to reserving on the official site?

A. Yes. We guarantee lower rates than from any other reservation site.

Q. Can minors stay at Blue Cabin?

A. Yes. Minors at least 12 years of age can stay if they bring us proof of identification and written consent from a parent or adult guardian before check-in. The consent form must be downloaded from our site, filled out and signed. Please note that male and female floors are separate even for minors, occupancy is limited to one person per cabin-style room*, and minors under 11 years of age cannot stay even if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
For minors 12 years old and older to stay alone an identification document is required besides the written consent. The minor must present these upon check-in.
>Download Consent Form PDF
* guests of all genders can stay together in the group rental suite on the fifth floor.

Q. Can I lock my room?

A. No, but each room has a lockable safe. Blue Cabin is categorized as a common lodging house, which is prohibited from using room locks. Please note that each room has a roll screen in place of a door.

Q. What amenities does each room have?

A. Each room features a 32-inch TV, lockable safe for valuables, mini desk, coat hooks, USB outlet and electrical outlet. Toilets, shower stalls are shared on each floor.

Q. Can I hear TVs and music from other rooms?

A. No. Guests are requested to use the provided headphones for quiet personal entertainment.

Q. What other amenities are available?

A. Smartphone charging cables and voltage converters are available for free upon request. Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hairdryer, pajamas, towel and toothbrush are provided for free.

Q. What women's amenities are available?

A. In the common space on the female floor, available amenities include cleansing oil, facial wash and skin care cosmetics (skin lotion and milky lotion).

Q. Can rooms be rented without reservations?

A. Yes. Rooms can be rented without reservations depending on their availability.

Q. Can rooms be rented just for a couple of hours?

A. Yes. Rooms can be rented for short stays between 11am and 5pm at 2,000 JPY per 2 hours.

Q. Can two of us stay in one room?

A. Groups can stay in the group rental suite on the fifth floor. But each cabin-style room on the other floors can only accommodate one guest. Adjacent rooms may be available upon request.

Q. Do I have to check in and out every day?

A. No. If you are staying for multiple days, you only need to check in on the first day and out on the last day.

Q. Can I use my credit card?

A. Yes, you can use Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express or UnionPay.

Q. Is Wi-Fi provided?

A. Yes, it is provided for free throughout the building.

Q. Do you have baths?

A. A large communal bath is available for men on the first floor. A jacuzzi (fee required) is available for women on the fourth floor. Shower rooms are also provided on each floor.

Q. What local conveniences are available?

A. In addition to beverage vending machines, coin laundries and shower rooms in the building, there are local convenience stores, banks and a post office minutes away. Euglena Mall is also nearby.

Q. Can I smoke in my room?

A. No. Smoking is prohibited in the rooms. But smoking is allowed on the 1F, 2F and 4F terraces.

Q. Can I store my luggage?

A. Yes, you can.
However, we may withhold the service for various reasons, such as if you cannot pick up the luggage before check-out; if the luggage includes goods that are hazardous, fragile or require a controlled temperature/humidity; if the storage space runs out, etc. In such cases, we will inform you where nearby public coin lockers are available.